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Ballet Class Registration

Class Information

In "Princess Ballet Class" we be going over basic beginning ballet principles including stretching, warm up, ballet positions, basic floor work, beginning technique and cool down. The focus of this class is to have fun, learn how to be in a dance class setting and practice basic beginning ballet skills. 

Dance attire is recommended. This can include tights, leotards and ballet slippers or you may opt for leggings and a T-Shirt if your child prefers. If not wearing dance shoes, please make sure that the shoes the child wears allows them to point their toes. Hair should be pulled back away from the face. 

Dancers under five years old must have an adult present during class. If you wish to leave your 5-6 year old child during class you will need to sign a separate liability waiver in advance. Please reach out if this is your plan. 

To help social distance please limit adults to 1 per enrolled dancer so that we can accommodate everyone while staying within capacity regulations. 

In accordance with state guidelines, ages 5 and over must wear a mask during class. Hand sanitizer will be offered to students upon arrival. 

Additional parking is available across the street in the gravel lot. 


Water only. Please do not bring other drinks or snacks. 


Please fill in the emergency contact information and read through "terms and conditions" below.

Due to the high demand of this class, missed classes will not be credited or reimbursed. Current student's will be offered a "head start" for enrolling in the next month's class. This will occur 1-2 weeks into the current month. After the three day "head start" period, registration will be offered to the public and spots will be first come first serve. Current students will be notified when the "head start" registration begins. 


Emergency Contact Information

Thanks for submitting!

*By checking the box above you are agreeing to the following terms:

*Tea & Tiaras Princess Party Parlor L.L.C, it's owner, staff and subcontractors are not liable for any injuries that may occur inside our building or outside near our venue. 

*Tea & Tiaras Princess Party Parlor L.L.C, it's owner, staff and subcontractors are not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items inside or near our venue. It is your responsibility to safe guard your items. Please make sure that you remove valuables from your vehicle and that it is locked at all times. 

*Photos and/or video may be taken of your child during class and shared on social media or our website. If you are against this, you must alert our staff ahead of time. 

*Masks are to be worn by adults and children ages 5 and up per state order.

* All bathroom needs of the dancers are to be handled by the dancers accompanying adult. Our staff does not change diapers, assist with wiping etc. 

*Tea & Tiaras Princess Party Parlor L.L.C, it's owner, staff and subcontractors are not responsible for implementing first-aid or life saving procedures in the event of injury, choking, seizures, or any other medical emergency for individuals in or around our building. 

*Dancers and accompanying adults should stay home if they are feeling unwell. 

*In the event of a cancellation of a class by Tea & Tiaras, we will notify you in advance and offer a make-up class based on our availability. 

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